Matt (mattxsucks) wrote in hxc_mixtape,

elite screamo tape!

I decided to put together a bunch of songs I figured would be the cream of the crop for screamo fans, since it's all hardcore anyways. Screamo music is pretty dried up these days, nothing new or exciting is out so it's easy to consider things to be the best of the best.

1. Spirit of Versailles - Form of Closure
2. Horror City - untitled 3
3. Jr Ewing - the 24 hour hoax
4. Sinking Steps....Rising Eyes - In Exile
5. Orchid - Lights Out
6. Saetia - The Poet You Never Were
7. Shikari - Robot Wars
8. You and I - Tell Me About Your Childhood
9. Tunes for Bears to Dance to - I Have a Live Journal
10. Usurp Synapse - Maybe you should kill yourself
11. Vincent Black Shadow - The Secret
12. After School Knife Fight - Dear Daddy
13. Die, Emperor! Die! - December stars could never match your eyes
14. Examination of the... - On Overindulgence
15. Majority Rule - XOXO
16. Funeral Diner - I wish I could do the backstroke
17. In Loving Memory - The choice has always been yours
18. Isodora Crane - Don't play russian roulette with a man who has two glass eyes

Please feel free to add, screamo is fun to listen to, maybe I missed some bands.
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crap, I messed up my LJ cut. sorry. :-\
this ship will sink - what was guy pierce thinking?
jenny piccolo - we are all illegal
the assistant - afternoon at the badlands
the blood brothers - USA nails
city of caterpillar - when was the last time we painted..

good choices MATTTTTT
jenny piccolo? never heard of, I'll have to check that out.
Yay for You & I.
Tunes for Bears to Dance to - I Have a Live Journal
there is actually a song about LJ?
yeah it's goes

live journals
make me think I have e-emotions

if you knew what emotions were, I'd give you 2 seconds of my time
because that's all you're fucking worth

and some other things.. it's awesome
add some yage to it
yage. I'm gonna miss these guys :|
tunes for bears - i have a lj.
funeral diner
majority rule

those are some realy good bands.and to that person who asked about the tunes for bears song..yes they made a song about lj.its making fun of lj's and stuff.
yay for screamo...
uh...that's all i have to say