neal FREAK NASTY (_devastator) wrote in hxc_mixtape,

i am new here so i figured i would post my most recent mix i just kinda threw together randomly.



1. Converge - Phoenix in Flames

2. Bury Your Dead - Top Gun

3. Fear Before the March of Flames - Should Have Stayed In the Shallows

4. Anterrabae - Mending Tones From Vowels and Frowns

5. Through the Eyes of the Dead - Forever Ends Today

6. Alexisonfire - Happiness By the Kilowatt

7. Fuck I'm Dead - Jeffrey Dahmer's Cookbook

8. Holy Molar - Flouride the Lightning

9. The Red Chord - Dreaming In Dog Years

10. Into the Moat - Battle Spawned Lullabies

11. On Broken Wings - I Do My Crosswords In Pen

12. The Acacia Strain - All She Wrote

13. Unearth - One Step Away

14. The Bled - His First Crush

15. Remembering Never - For the Love of Fiction

16. An Albatross - Mother's Day Came A Little Early This Year

17. 7 angels 7 plagues - Arcadia Fades

18. The Blood Brothers - Devastator

19. The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Civeta Dei

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Nice mix!
You can never go wrong with any of those bands!
You have a great opening song too.
You are my new mix-maker hero.

haha thank you.
fear before is never a mistake and the no 12 is just awesome, so yeah, nice :)
Bro that is fucking sick. "Civeta Dei" is the best way to end a mix. I would've started it with With Honor-"Intro" and ended with Converge-"First Light", but its your mix.
heyy im new heree too!
but you have a nice mix