Little Spike Dudley (xaddiocielox) wrote in hxc_mixtape,
Little Spike Dudley

3 Huge Shows Coming to DeKalb

Just letting everyone know about a few huge shows the Rodeo has coming to town. You'll want to write this down:

Thursday, Feb 17. 10pm. The Rodeo, DeKalb (249 Palmer Ct.) > $6/7 dollars.

Inspector Owl

The Show is the Rainbow

The Forecast

El Oso


The following day, Feb 18th $5

The Cougars

The Antenora

I Yell Because I care


Thursday, Feb. 24. 10pm $8.

This show is predicted to be huge, so get there before 10 if you want in.

Fear Before the March of Flames!

Circle Takes the Square

Transistor Transistor

Hope to see you at one of those three amazing shows.

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