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not too many kids post much in here.
so i'll try to get this going again.
i just made this last night for a good friend,
the drummer for a pretty fun band (
check it.

Organic rusted pipe arteries
1. saetia :: notre langues nous trompent
2. orchid :: destination blood
3. combatwoundedveteran :: my spine! my spine! my spine!
4. converge :: fault and fracture
5. pg 99 :: we left as skeletons
6. some girls :: gonne set my soul on fire
7. underOATH :: a message for adrienne
8. this ship will sink :: a self intervention
9. you and i :: playing off the story
10. old man gloom :: branch breaker (live)
11. botch :: mondrain was a liar
12. fear before the march of flames :: fashion tips, baby
13. the bled :: i never met another gemini
14. norma jean :: face:face
15. unearth :: only the people
16. this runs through :: kiss the envelope
17. the black dahlia murder :: funeral thirst
18. as i lay dying :: torn within
19. examination of the..::the bloke, the opium breather
20. love lost but not forgotten - push past
21. swing kids - el camino car crash
22. againt me! - rice and bread
23. envy - go mad and mark
24. the assistant - be nice to me i had a ruff day
25. city of cateripllar :: a little change could go a long ways

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